COVID-19 Operating Proceedures

Payment taken on day of arrival
Welcome envelope for guests on arrival containing sanitized room key, directions to room, emergency number and payment receipt.
We do not enter your room during your stay, we leave a care pack with additional towels and other necissary items.
You deposit your key at the front desk on departure.
Our safer cleaning proceedures are built around the principle of deep clean first followed by sanitizing

Employees have received COVID operating procedure training.
Mask wearing is an individual choice, employees and customers.
All hard surfaces are COVID cleaned between each customer use and throughout service.

Please maintain a distance of 6ft if you have not been vaccinated
Please do not enter our premises if you are feeling unwell
In this emerging era of contactless service and a little less hospitality, both we and our customers appreciate patience and forebearance whilst we adapt to these unusual times.